Hilary Kidd has been a freelance illustrator for the fashion, textile and garment industries since the early 1970s.

As the daughter of two busy architects, Hilary's formative years were full of travel. Jetting back and forth between her native Yorkshire and the several African countries in which her parents were working, hers was an upbringing rich in visual stimulation and cultural contrast.

Thus it was that her career path began in Nigeria, studying fine Art at Amahdu Bello University, Zaria. This was followed by 3 years at Bradford College of Art, studying Fashion Design, culminating in a post-graduate course in Advanced Fashion Illustration at St. Martins. With her work increasingly in demand and a steadily growing client-base, for the next 25 years Hilary based herself in the capital.

In the mid 1990s, she moved north to rural Cumbria, where she continues to work as busily as ever from the C18th schoolhouse she shares with her partner and their dog, Stanley - an enormous Ridgeback who, in defiance of all evidence to the contrary, firmly believes himself capable of curling up on her lap.